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1. A momin is one who is wise and of great intellect. His face shines with the light of iman (faith).
2. He has a very kind heart. and when u give him Amana, he returns it the same way.
3. He never follows his desires. Worldly matters have absolutely no value to him.
4. If you share with him any of your secret, He would listen to it like own Brother/Sister, He would never tell it to anyone.
5. If you tell him your Problem, He will try to help best he can without any expectation of return.
6. He always feels happy for others success and He is selfish only regarding doing good deeds. He is neither jealous nor envious of others.
7. He never puts himself in any dispute. He does not backbite.
8. He never tells a lie. His whole life will be filled with sufferings and hardships. He never compromises his commitments.
9. Mostly he remains silent. He has great respect for others. He never exposes his anger. He is always busy in the remembrance of Allah (swt). He is always patient.
10. When he remembers the day of judgement, sadness comes in his heart. He is always happy in his poverty.
11. He has a very kind nature and gentle heart. He never breaks his word. He never hurts any other person nor does he accuse anyone. He never speaks ill of others.
12. If he laughs, his voice can barely be heard. If he is angry, he keeps his patience.
13. He is always in search of knowledge. When he consults someone, it is only for the sake of knowledge. His knowledge is great. He is very merciful. He is not miserly.
14. He is not impatient with others. He does not feel sadness due to worldly matters.
15. He is never proud.Neither does he oppress others nor does he oppress his own self (nafs). And he will never take advantage of any word or misdeed of others.